From card games and shooting pool in our billiards room to impromptu gatherings in our coffee shop, there is always something happening at the UP Home!  A few of our on-campus activities include:  

  • Art Classes
  • Monthly Campus Breakfasts
  • Summer swim days at the Washington Aquatic Center
  • Movies & Popcorn
  • Card Clubs
  • Group Bike Rides
  • Men’s Club
  • Bingo

The UP With Kids Daycare is also an important part of daily life at the United Presbyterian Home.  From resident volunteers spending time rocking and feeding infants to intergenerational activities in the Health Center, the kids brighten the days of our residents!  The daycare kids join our residents for exercises, holiday parties and simple visits.  The daycare’s annual Week of the Young Child celebration also gives our residents a chance to find their inner child while participating in the activities!

Aside from planned daily activities, volunteer opportunities are a great way to get involved and stay active in our Home community.  Different volunteer positions include helping in the daycare, taking Health Center residents on wheelchair rides, helping with the Health Center spa days, or tending the Home’s gardens.  Volunteering is an easy way to get involved on campus!  No one is more or less important than another and no job is too big or too small.  We can (and do!) count the number of volunteers who have served, the number of hours that have been given, and even translate those hours into dollars.  What is truly immeasurable is the difference that each of the volunteers has made to the culture and high quality of life at the United Presbyterian Home!

Spiritual Wellness Director Andrew Zuehlke leads a virtual Hymn Sing on March 20, 2020